Estate and Trust Support for Attorneys

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Alla Johnson CPA LLC provides outsourced estate and trust support services to law firms and attorneys. We understand how difficult it can be to work through all the accounting and tax issues that can come up with trusts and estates, so we collaborate with you to best serve the unique circumstances of each client.

Our CPA firm is an economical alternative for law firms that don't have a full- time estate and trust staff but need to consult with a true tax and accounting professional. Our experience in fiduciary accounting and tax compliance for estates and trusts makes us a valuable resource for your firm. We'll utilize our skills and knowledge to minimize taxes and keep fiduciary accountings accurate and organized.

We can assist you behind the scenes with the estate planning process, become a key member of your estate and trust team, or provide support when you encounter a complex estate situation requiring innovative tax planning strategies. Find out how you can focus on your clients while we worry about the numbers, call 941-907-1100 or request a consultation online now to learn more.

Trust and estate services for attorneys include:

  • Trust documents review for tax purposes
  • Estate and trust tax compliance
  • Tax planning for estates, trusts, and individuals
  • Gift planning and charitable giving
  • Individual, estate, gift, and trust tax returns
  • Preparation of formal and informal accountings for Special Needs Trusts
  • Preparation of fiduciary income tax returns for Special Needs Trusts
  • Winding up a decedent’s business entity and preparation of final business tax return
  • Assessing IRA distribution options
  • Selecting appropriate assets to transfer to a trust