Tax Preparation Services

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Many taxpayers fear tax time. Trying to make sense of confusing forms, wondering what deductions you qualify for, and dealing with estate or trust tax filings can cause stress and worry. Take the pressure off by working with the experienced tax professionals at Alla Johnson CPA LLC. We'll eliminate the frustration that can come with filing your income, small business, and estate taxes by doing all of the heavy lifting for you. When we prepare your taxes you'll get every credit and deduction you deserve while avoiding potentially costly mistakes that could cause trouble with the IRS.

Our Sarasota, FL CPA firm specializes in finding real tax savings for individual taxpayers and their businesses. We dig deep to make sure you get every appropriate tax break, so more of your money stays in your pocket. We'll also create a strategy that works year-round to keep liabilities in checks so you can see the best numbers possible next year.

Stop struggling with confusing tax forms! Call us now at 941-907-1100 or request your consultation online to get started.

Sarasota, FL tax return preparation:

  • Individual income tax return preparation – Form 1040
  • Estate tax return preparation – Form 706 or Form 1041
  • Trust tax return preparation – Form 1041
  • Gift tax return preparation – Form 709
  • Winding up a decedent’s business entity and preparation of final business tax return
  • Multi-state tax filings