Fiduciary Accounting for Trustees and Executors

fiduciary accounting services

Being appointed as a trustee or executor makes you the fiduciary, the primary financial representative of a trust or estate. This role requires specialized fiduciary accounting to monitor incoming and outgoing transactions and provide reporting for beneficiaries. To fulfill your duties, you need to team up with the right accountant. At Alla Johnson CPA LLC, our Sarasota FL CPA firm is dedicated to supporting individuals managing estates and trusts with fiduciary accounting services.

We bring peace of mind to executors and trustees by providing the accounting and tax services required to meet their responsibilities. We'll help keep your fiduciary accountings in compliance with court requirements and ensure that you have met all income tax filing requirements by preparing trust or estate tax returns. With our personal attention, tax expertise, and sound guidance, you’ll have the confidence to sensibly manage funds and the resources to keep beneficiaries properly informed.

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Fiduciary accounting services include:

  • Ensure guidelines outlined in governing document are being met
  • Prepare fiduciary accountings for estates and trusts
  • Record and classify receipts and disbursements for tax and accounting purposes
  • Allocate transactions between principal and income
  • Calculate distribution amounts to beneficiaries