Estate and Trust Tax Planning

estate tax planning

Alla Johnson CPA LLC uses various strategies to help trustees and executors minimize taxes and safeguard assets for estates and trusts as well as their beneficiaries. We understand that as a trustee or executor, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the weight of your financial responsibilities, and we're here to make your job easier. We'll take the time to explain how it all works in plain language so you know what to expect and can successfully fulfill your fiduciary duties.

As estate and trust CPAs, we do more than prepare tax returns. We make it our business to find the most effective methods for controlling tax exposure for the trust or estate you manage. When you turn to us for guidance, we'll design a plan around your unique situation that coordinates all parties to achieve the best tax savings possible. We firmly believe that the most important step in designing an appropriate estate plan is listening, so we take the time to learn all we can about each of our clients before we start building their unique plan. With us looking out for you, you'll be equipped to care for all the tax compliance needs associated with a trust or estate.

To learn more about our trust and estate tax planning services, contact Alla Johnson now at 941-907-1100 to discuss your estate planning needs or request your consultation online.

Estate tax preparation and planning include:

  • Estate and trust tax compliance
  • Tax planning for estates and trusts
  • Estate tax return preparation – Form 706 or Form 1041
  • Gift tax return preparation – Form 709
  • Trust tax return preparation – Form 1041